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Hi. I’m David.


David Sibley, to be exact. I’ve gone by a variety of names – most tend to be variations on my last name – but I’ve always preferred to simply be called David. Father David is fine, too, but I much prefer my baptismal name. (And no, I’m not the bird guy. That’s a cousin. But his books are very good!). Although I grew up in South Carolina, I’m very proud to call New York home. I am also blessed to be the Rector of Christ Church (Episcopal) in Manhasset, New York, just outside of New York City.

I’m not what most people would expect in younger Episcopal clergy. Yes, my politics are decidedly liberal – that’s not a surprise. But I’m theologically relatively traditional – but I’d like to think generously so. (Then again, plenty might say I’m an unorthodox heretic. To each their own, I guess.) Not everyone needs to think like me, and not everyone will – which is something I appreciate in the Episcopal Church.  Read this blog, and you’ll hear a lot about the witness I believe the church can have – at least, from the place where I sit.

And you’ll probably hear about the Chicago Cubs at some point, too. Because they’re great. Well, “great” in the “I love them” sense, not in the “lots of wins” sense. (More wins next year…)

So this blog is a record of my thoughts and musings along the way.

I’ve decided to name the blog from a line in one of my favorite hymns, “Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken”: “Safe they feed upon the manna which he gives them when they pray.” Thus “Feeding on Manna.” I’ve been given just the amount of manna I need, like Israel in the desert: not too little, not too much. And lo and behold, it is food enough.

Hope you enjoy.




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  1. As an old Brooklyn Tech guy (very old) who once played HS golf matches at nearby Dyker Beach, welcome to the conversation… You might find me hanging around the Church Pension booth.

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